Associates’ Charter

Our Commitment As a new member of Severn Advanced Motorcyclists and the Institute of Advanced Motorists we welcome you to the world of Advanced Riding. Your Observer will help and support you as an Associate Member of our Group. Our aim is that you enjoy the sessions that will prepare you to take the coveted IAM Test.

Your Commitment Communication
Once you have been allocated an Observer, we would ask you to communicate with them on a regular basis to set up riding sessions and let them know in plenty of time should you wish to cancel a pre-arranged session. It is usual to offer your Observer a contribution to their fuel costs during these sessions. Remember that your Observer is giving up their free time and they carry out their duties on a voluntary basis. Please respect this.

Your riding attire
The minimum riding attire is helmet, armoured jacket and trousers, boots and gloves. Please be aware that if you have a tinted visor it must have a minimum of 70% light transmission.

Your motorcycle
A clean, legal, well maintained motorcycle is a requirement for your sessions. Please make sure that your fuel tank is full at the start of the session.

Your Observer
Your Observer’s aim is to introduce you to the system of motorcycle control.

Progress/Ride Report
At the end of the session your Observer will note the progress that has been made during your session and provide you with a copy of a written report.

Your Practice
Between sessions we recommend that you practice the system of motorcycle control. Be careful when you practice these new skills.

The Advanced Test
Your examiner will expect you to demonstrate your knowledge of the system of motorcycle control. The examiner will be looking for a well planned, consistent, professional ride lasting 90 minutes, which will encompass all road types.

The IAM will forward your test certificate to the Club. This will be presented to you on a Club night, together with a Club polo shirt as a mark of your achievement.

Beyond the Test
As a qualified IAM Rider you may wish to develop your skills further and may consider taking a retest to gain a F1RST pass, if you didn’t initially. Taking a MASTERS test or becoming a Local Observer and then on to a National Observer qualification. There are many opportunities open to you and we are here to offer advice and guidance to aid you in attaining your goals.

Refresher Rides
As part of our commitment to Road Safety, SAM is proud to be the first club in the IAM to introduce ‘Refresher rides’. As you know, once you have passed your advanced test, there is no further check by IAM. We all know that bad habits can creep in even though we may not be aware! To make sure we in SAM are all still up to the same standard, every three years after passing your test, you be asked to go out with an observer on a mandatory refresher ride.

If you are joining SAM as a Full Member, i.e. you have already passed your IAM test, soon after joining you will be invited for a refresher ride.

Read the whole of paragraph 8 from our Constitution.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Most people carry a mobile phone most of the time. If you ever end up in the care of Paramedics, or other Emergency Services, and are unable to give them details of who you are and who you want contacting to support you, they will look through your phone in search of clues. Storing ICE numbers as contacts in mobile phone contacts is now a widely-used standard way of sharing emergency information, known to all Emergency Services personnel. The committee recommends that we all add ICE numbers to our phones. If anyone is involved in an accident on a group ride, or becomes unwell at a Club night, we will look for such information to support you. Note: It is important to add ‘ICE’ before the contact name, easily done by editing contact details, as some phones will only search the first letter.

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