Newsletter February 2021


The Committee met on Tuesday 9 February via Zoom.

Due to the pandemic,  Motorcycling Events and Training have not taken place. The committee is looking forward to the day when we are finally allowed to carry on with our normal lives.


The main news is the website. We have employed an external agency to develop it and are quite thrilled with the results. However, we welcome your feedback and comments to help develop it further.

The new website goes live on Monday 15 February and we have acquired a new domain name  which is simpler and more aligned with the original.

Please take a look at the new website as we are looking for member feedback. We are also keen to get members involved with the content, its running, and social media platforms. We really are trying to make SAM more inclusive.

Committee email addresses have also changed to align with the new domain so the new contact addresses are,,, and, there is also a general email address for the committee,

The old email addresses will forward to the new.


The committee;

Nick Twissell – Chair, Peter Bennetts – Secretary, Jon Hogg – Membership Secretary, Eric Bush – Training Team Co-ordinator, Rebecca Orchard – Rideouts Coordinator, Rob Clark, Allan Macdonald and Paul Randall. We do however, need to appoint a new treasurer in the near future.

There are currently eight committee members and although this is a very manageable size, there are still roles to fill, some of which do not have to be committee members.

The roles that we would like to fill are;

Website and Social Media- to manage content and be responsible for uploading it.

Events – manage and organise social events including club nights

Regalia and merchandise- managing and selling merchandise



Meetings and Events

Club meetings will be held monthly when lockdown restrictions permit, and will be held as usual at the Walls Club. We would also like to investigate holding meetings at other venues e.g., pubs during the summer.

We would also like to have a presence at external events e.g., Prescott and Dealer open days when these open again.

Member Recruitment

We are investigating member recruitment; we hope that the website and social media will generate interest. IAM RoadSmart has been approached to get an understanding of how they assign associates to groups, we have contacted dealers and given them leaflets and merchandise to distribute to their customers.


Any comments, suggestions or questions please send to


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