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The Observers

About our Observers

What’s an Observer?

Our Observers are a qualified team of volunteers who are trained advanced riders and tutors. They are passionate about motorcycling and will show you the skills needed for you also to become an Advanced rider.

What benefits do I get?

Once you are enrolled on one of our Advanced riding courses you will become an associate member of the IAM and Severn Advanced Motorcyclists.

To become a full member, you will need to pass the IAM RoadSmart Advanced test. Observers will coach you over several sessions in the IAM RoadSmart system of motorcycle control to enable you to achieve the required standard of riding.

Once you have achieved the required standard of riding your observer will recommend that you apply for a test. During this test your examiner will follow you on a route that will take in all types of road and traffic conditions.

As an advanced rider you will benefit from being a safer and more aware rider with also potentially lower insurance premiums.

We wish you well on your route to joining us and becoming a better rider.


Training Team Coordinator.

Meet the Team


Team Coordinator

I came to Gloucestershire in 1995. It was my ambition to learn to scuba dive and purchase a high-capacity touring machine.  I bought a BMW and joined the BMW motorcycle cub. I met a lady in the BMW club who wore an IAM badge on her jacket. I asked her about the IAM, and she suggested I take a Bike safe course at Cheltenham Police station. I met an Observer from Severn Advanced Motorcyclists who was giving ride out assessments. I joined the IAM in 1999 and passed my bike and car test in 2000-2001.  In 2001 I joined the committee as secretary. I qualified as an observer in 2003. I have enjoyed many ride outs and holidays with club at home and abroad.


Local Observer

I gained my motorcycle riding licence in 1978 when the gears were on the right side of the bike!  After a 30 year gap, returning to motorcycling with a full licence and no training didn’t seem a sensible idea. I joined the IAM Roadsmart group Severn Advanced Motorcyclists, enjoying the course and the skills obtained and also the company of like minded bikers.  Wanting to give something back and to share his enthusiasm for Advanced riding,  I am now an Observer with Severn Advanced Motorcyclists, ‘what better excuse to get out there on the bike’.


Observer Assessors

I’m a keen motorcyclist since passing my test in 1982. My current bikes are BMW GS 1250 and Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. Also 2 Trike Harleys. I like all motorcycles but I do have a preference to Harleys. I am a bit of a petrol head. Obtaining my Pilots Licence in 1993. Flying various types of aircraft for 20 years. In my day job I work as an ADI Approved Driving Instructor. 

This has helped me to transfer my skills to the IAM. I  am a National Observer and Local Observer Assessor with Severn Advanced Motorcyclists. Looking forward to working with new Associates In the future.


Local Observer

I joined the IAM in 2010 as a trainee before passing my Advanced test (2nd attempt) and then took on my first associate with SAM in February 2014. To date I have helped over 30 associate’s, taster and refresher rides of any gender!

Having enjoyed several group tours in Devon & Cornwall, Lake District, Norfolk & the East coast, Pembrokeshire, Yorkshire & Scotland including the NW500 usually riding BMW’s with my RT1250 being the latest and most comfortable ride!

Midweek outings with the LOSW group visit all points of the compass provide a mixture of roads, destinations, banter and culinary delights!

When not busy sharing my riding experience with associates and helping other bikers get more enjoyment from their own rides. I play golf, enjoy my grandchildren, sing with a choir and volunteer at the local hospital.


National Observer

I have been riding motorcycles virtually all of my adult life having been trained and qualified as a Police Traffic Motorcyclist, a role I undertook for almost 14 years. I then joined Severn Advanced Motorcyclists where I took the opportunity of passing on some of my experience and expertise by becoming a National Observer. 

I am now a regular (fair weather) rider and enjoy working with Associates preparing them for their Advanced Rider test, doing so helps ensure that my own riding skills are maintained”


Local Observer

I started riding a moped from 17 years of age. In 2002 I joined the IAM. I passed my test in 2005.

In 2015 I decided to become an Observer to help other riders benefit the skills that I had learnt.

I have recently retired from being MOT tester I have the time to put back into the club that helped me.  My current bike is a Benelli TRK 502 X


Local Observer

I passed my Advanced test in 2003. In 2013 I decided to become Observer. The first associate member that I coached to take the Advanced test has become an Observer.

I have enjoyed IAM Roadsmart skills days on my classic Honda Fireblade. The bike that I use for observing new members in a Ducati Multistrada. I live in the north of the county so I am able to meet new members from the Evesham area.


Observer Assessors

I joined the IAM in 2012 and have been an Observer since 2013. I qualified as a National Observer in 2017, and am also a Local Observer Assessor.

The bike is my main form of transport and I generally do around 10k miles a year. As well as being an observer for the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course I support British Cycling as a qualified National Escort Group Motorcycle Marshal on UK road races. This presents a highly dynamic environment where both individual decision-making and team work are critical to success, enabling fast-moving cycle races to be manged safely on open roads. I also support Gloucestershire Police conducting on-road ride assessments for their excellent Bike Safe programme. All of this helps keep me on my toes and provides plenty of opportunity for self-reflection and analysis, one of the most important elements of being an advanced rider and vital to maintaining and improving my skills and attitude. I am still learning every day, and get a lot out of working with associates as they progress through the Advanced Rider Course.

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